Editing Images in WordPress

Editing images in WordPress can be frustrating. The editor is not as intuitive as other elements inside WordPress. That’s ok, and this is why I made the video.

Any questions, let me know!



Hey folks!

So I just wanted to quick put up a little tutorial video on how to edit images in WordPress, so um yeah, basically we’ve gotten this, we’ve got this image here and I just wanna crop it, so uh there’s a few different options for editing images in WordPress, but yeah just this can be a little unintuitive sometimes and this is uh a complaint I get from some clients so I thought I’d just put together this little video here so, you’ve selected the, the image you wanna edit and so, you know, you typically see this with the url and the title there and stuff like that, so down here on the bottom left is this “Edit Image” button.

So, you just click that and bring it over here. So, this particular image, you know, we want it, well, you can see that you can move the image uh, counterclockwise, clockwise, whatever.

Flip it, rotate it, that kind of thing so, but the big thing that you’re probably gonna wanna do just in WordPress is crop, so uh you’re actually this is the symbol up here for cropping and it’s grayed out right now and basically what you just need to do is uh, get on click and drag on this image to the area you want to crop here.

So I actually want these images to be twelve hundred by eight hundred.

So, uh, I’ve got those dimensions there and yeah, you can see that these are actually twelve hundred by nine hundred and that just gives a little too much height to these images.

Um, so yeah, once I get that selected like, that I can click, you can see now the crop button is no longer grayed out if you hover over it, so you just click on that and it’ll crop out the selection here and then you click on save.

And once it’s done saving, you can come back and see that it added an extra pixel but that’s okay, uh, that’ll be alright for me here, so uh, so just a way to quickly crop images and edit them inside WordPress if you need to, um again you can do those flips and twists and stuff like that, uh, as well so that’s all for now.

Hope that was helpful