21 Days to WordPress Proficiency: An Introduction


What is Your Situation?

Do you have a WordPress based website but you feel like you don’t know where to begin?¬†
21 Days to WordPress Proficiency will take you from the initial install of your site to installing plugins, do basic customizations in HTML and CSS, and, most importantly, allow you to be a self-educating and proficient WordPress user in 21 days.

The Plan

This plan’s main goal is to educate you about the basic WordPress¬† functions, and provide the resources and get you in the habit of exploring everything the WordPress community has to offer so that you can be proficient with your WordPress website as quickly as possible.
For ever day, there will be a Reason (“why are you learning this?”), a Recipe (“how tos”) and a Resource (“Where to find more information”).It’s a series of 5 minute screen cast videos that walk you through everything you need to know about setting up your site, publishing your first post, and finding themes and plugins.
WordPress is a VERY powerful platform, and there’s a ton you can do with it.
Have fun! That’s the point, isn’t it?

**Videos are best viewed on a desktop/laptop device. YouTube videos will be available soon!Photo Creds:
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How to Increase Your Revenue by 30% (Witout Raising Your Rates)

I just finished a couple of projects for clients. This is always a good feeling. One of my strengths is “Acheiver”, which means I love (a-hem, LOVE) to get things done, checked off my list, wrapped up and put away. Normally, I jump right into the next thing without taking time to celebrate.

This time, however, I decided it would be good to look back at some numbers. Since I track my time and revenue (among other things), I noticed two things:

  1. I was getting faster at completing projects (yes!)
  2. I had made more money than my client agreed to pay me (what?!)

How did #2 happen?!

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Value Added Service on Projects

In the world of freelancing, I’m finding I need to get projects done as quickly as possible, and with the maximum amount of revenue possible. This is of course depending on the client, what they need, and how much they’ll will to pay for the project they need done.

Learning how to price your services is definitely key to survival in this world. In my current experience, there’s a delicate balance between getting paid what you’re worth, and joining all the other freelancers in the world in a “race to the bottom”.

Given the unpredictable world of freelancing, what is a guy to do?

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Finding (and Getting) Freelance Work

Taking the Freelance Plunge

“There’s nothing quite like asking someone to pay you for something you’re not quite sure you can do.” -Me.

One of the most !important and delicate times for a business is the validation phase: do people want to and will they give you money? You’ve built your product, or practiced your elevator pitch just so, and you’ve even made a business card that you can hand out to people.


I’ve done that too. And I still do. It’s probably one of the best things that you can do in order to form your new identity. You are no longer sitting on the sidelines; you’re getting into the game (albeit with frequent breaks, because you’re winded and maybe not in the best shape yet. At least you didn’t injure yourself yet!).

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Code Academy: PHP

Like a peaceful meadow after a trek through dense jungle, or the eye of a hurricane, PHP was a welcome relief, a lot more intuitive, and pretty fun.

The Basics on PHP

PHP is a server side language, and is the “P” in the LAMP environments that run a good deal of the internet (not general dinner table conversation, I know). As I understand it, PHP allows your site to interact with the server and be more dynamic (e.g. Mobile friendly and responsive sites are made so with PHP).

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Code Academy: JQuery and JavaScript

If the Web Fundamentals Course was like eating a tasty peanut butter and cholocate pie, jQuery (jQ) and JavaScript (JS) we’re like eating a bitttersweet pie and a pebble pie, respectively.


Not as easy to pick up as HTML and CSS, but not too bad either.

What is jQ? Officially, it’s a javascript library.

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