I’ll have lots of this to post here that I think about and I come across that I want to share with you. It will be a repository of sorts. Probably plenty of things regarding web development, life, love, the Kingdom, business, cooking, recipes, working, mission, health, and even some of my dirty laundry (if you’re lucky!).

A little about me…

Since you’re so curious, I live with my wonderful wife in South Korea. We’ve been married for 5 years and it’s been the best adventure of my life!

I’ve been building websites for people, non-profits, embassies, and businesses for about 3 years now. The website I build are on WordPress, so they’re easy to manage and update for my clients. If you need a website (personal, membership, e-commerce), feel free to get in touch with me here, and check out my portfolio here. I really love doing this. It’s the perfect mix of problem solving, building, and life-long learning. And there’s plenty to learn in web development!

Other than that, I’ve made a habit of collecting masters degrees. I have three: a masters of business administration, a masters of divinity, and a masters in citizenship and human rights: ethics and politics. We love traveling. I’ve been to six continents (not Antartica… yet!). I speak Spanish and can converse in a couple other languages, and have studied many more.

Food and cooking is basically my favorite activity outside of work. I’ll put up some of my favorite recipes and concoctions here for your viewing and tasting pleasure. If I knew I couldn’t fail, I’d probably open a restaurant where I made a few dishes a day for people, open for lunch and work until everything was sold out. Interesting flavors and “hiding vegetables” are two signatures of my cooking.

Feel free to leave comments and share anything you find on here.

Stay tuned for regular reading.