What I’m doing now…

  • Working as a Full Stack Developer.💻
  • Creating React courses 👨‍🏫
  • Serverless, and AWS stuffs. 🤓
  • Playing in a band that does covers (but is not a cover band) 🎸🤘 😂
  • Working on my Dinnie Stone Training Tracker app. 🪨💪
  • Perfecting my grilling and smoking skilz 🍖🧅🥔🥗😋
  • Practicing (and failing) at latte art ☕
  • Enjoying a good scotch 🥃😋

Obligatory link to Derek Sivers’ now page, the inspiration for many. Here is also his explanation of why you should have a “Now Page”, which I thought was compelling enough to create one and 😱 try and keep it updated 😱.