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WordPress as an API

See how you can use WordPress as an API and as a BYOFE solution. See abstract

WP101 for Developers

A workshop for the YWeb developer bootcamp cohort in Madison, March 2020. See abstract

WordPress and Laravel

Why would you use WordPress or Laravel? When should you use one over the other? What are their similarities and differences? See abstract

Less Snark, More Spark

How can you be the developer people want to hire, work with, and promote? See abstract

Building and Deconstructing a Gutenberg Block

A walkthrough of the fundamentals of Gutenberg, deconstructing and constructing blocks. See abstract

Doing Things the WordPress Way

They’re more like… guidelines… See abstract

Getting Started With WP-CLI

Do you work with or maintain WordPress sites and wonder if there’s an easier way to keep things updated? Are you looking for a way to automate a site setup… See abstract

More Secure API Requests With WordPress Helper Functions

Making API requests with JavaScript is something web developers do everyday. API services often require you to keep API keys out of the browser or route your requests through a server to secure the request…. See abstract

Customizing WordPress

Everyone wants a unique web presence. WordPress makes this easy by allowing us to customize our website to our heart’s content… See abstract

Talks in Development

Using WordPress to Learn and Explore PHP
Where’d My TinyMCE (and Comfort Zone) Go?!? Transitioning Well to Gutenberg.
Using Gutenberg for Custom Theme Development.

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