Wait, wuuut? Where did my CMS go?!

Wait, wuuut? Where did my CMS go?!

Static, headless, decoupled, Jamstack, serverless (geez, are there any more names for this stuff?!) sites have already made their way into the mainstream of WordPress and other CMS development. While these sites offer speed, scalability, and security, there are also inherent pitfalls and “gotchas” to be aware of when building in this ways for WordPress and other CMS platforms. We’ll define some terms, talk about how to frame the issues of working in this way, and look at several options for building out reliable and resilient solutions for customers and clients in this area.

This different versions of this talk were given at:

  • WordFestLive on March 4, 2022 (video recording).
  • WordPress Madison Meetup February 22, 2202.
  • A Google CMS Leadership forum in December 2021.

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