These are some places around the internet you can see me teaching, presenting, or otherwise sharing knowledge.


YouTube Channel

This is my YouTube channel. You’ll find recordings of code demos, projects, and anything else I might be working on.

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You can catch three courses on WordPress and PHP over at LevelUpTutorials. These will be free and open to the public soon, brought to you by the next

  • Modern WordPress for Beginners: If you’re looking to get started using WordPress, this is the course for you! You’ll learn WordPress from the dashboard as an admin, how to manage Posts, Pages, choose themes and plugins, and set up a basic WordPress site. No code here!
  • Modern WordPress 102: This is essentially a crash course in PHP, introducing variables, functions, classes, OOP, and more. We also touch on WordPress functions, classes, and database queries.
  • Modern WordPress 103: Digs into the WordPress developer experience, we learn about custom plugins, themes, WP-CLI, database queries, and more.

These are essentially the videos I wish I had when I was first getting started in WordPress development.


  • React Explained (coming soon)
  • WP-CLI for Beginners: Learn how to start controlling your WordPress site from the command line and save time repetitive tasks. I walk you through getting started with WP-CLI all the way to using it to migrating a site. No command line experience required!
  • Advanced WP-CLI (coming soon)

Podcasts or Webinars Across the Web

Sometimes I hope on podcasts or webinars and have a chat, do a demo, and have some fun (probably all three 😏). Here’s some of those:

Learn what you can achieve using serverless functions

Deploy your static WordPress site automagically


When presenting at WordCamps, sometimes there’s a recording. That recording then goes up on WordPress.TV.

You can see my WordPress.TV videos here.