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How did you get started in tech?
The Trifecta of Goodness
How to Run Your WordPress Site On Local, Gatsby and Netlify… For FREE!
Hello Gatsby! This blog is now headless WordPress…
Learning React… So I can I can hang out with other things…
Using Local by Flywheel for Local Laravel Development
Customizing WordPress
A New Talks Page
Talk: Getting Started with WP-CLI
2018: The Year of Going Deeper and Wider
How I Wrote My First Bash Script to Implement WP-CLI on Managed Sites
Tips for Small Business Owners Getting Started with WordPress
July Checkin, Goals Update
How to Use a Filter on TinyMCE to Add Buttons
How to Pass Information from One Page to Another with Forms and JavaScript/jQuery
Getting Post Meta for the WP REST API
2017: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Looking Backwards: 2016 in Review
Why Yoast SEO Isn’t Enough to Increase Your Site’s Traffic
Why WordPress Freelancing?
Genesis and Angular: Adding Routing to Posts and Pages (Part 3)
Using Angular to Display Content in Genesis Using the WP REST API (Part 2)
How to Disable Phone Number Linking in iOS Safari
Adding Angular Markup to a Genesis Child Theme (Part 1)
Angular Learning Resources for Angular August
Getting Familiar with Backbone.js
Presenting Meg-n-Boots
January Goals, Did I Do Them?
Documentation as a Discipline
How I Think About Cooking Food
I Wrote This Post in the Command Line With WP-CLI
Recipe: How to “Hide” Vegetables
This Week I Learned: SQL database queries and foreach()
How Much Javascript is Enough?
Recipe: Cauliflower Rice
An Honest Review on my January Plan
Recipe: Korean Dalkgalbi
This Week I Learned: Custom Meta Boxes and Post Meta
Learning New Things: Bower
Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Dip
Learning New Things: Grunt
Recipe: Chipotle Chicken Curry
This Week, I’ve Learned… Your Best Isn’t Always Good Enough
BOSI Index: Moving Towards Specialist
Creating a Body of Work
Recipe: Bacon and Broccoli
My January 2016 Plan
Looking ahead to 2016
How to Update WordPress (Single install and Multisite)
Editing Images in WordPress
On Developers….
Some Thoughts on Approaching New Clients
Don’t Forget Value Added… Unless You Don’t Want Paying Clients
Entrepreneur or Freelancer: Are you a businessman or a business, man?
Take the Shortcut: Find a Mentor and Apprentice Yourself
Resources for SEO and Keyword Research
Just in Time Learning: Trimming the Fat and Focusing to Move Forward Quickly
Time Track with Toggl (or Lose Your Pants!)
Day 21: Self Education: WordPress Tutorials and Where to Get Good Help
Day 20: Self Education: The Staging Site (try it on your computer first!)
Day 19: Self Education: The WordPress Community, Who to Watch, Know and Follow
Day 18: Self Education: An Introduction to WordPress Frameworks
Day 17: Self Education: The WordPress Codex
Day 16: Functionality: Security Configuration
Day 15: Functionality: Backup Configuration
Getting Through the Mopes, the Blocks and the Stalls
Day 14: Functionality: Plugins 2: Five More Plugins
Day 13: Functionality: Embeding a Video
Day 12: Functionality: Basic HTML and CSS (and CodeAcademy)
Day 11: The Basics: Using the Help Menu and Screen Options
Day 10: The Basics: Reviewing the Front End of Your Site (UX)
Day 9: The Basics: WordPress Widgets
Day 8: The Basics: Uploading Media
Day 7: The Basics: Plugins Part 1: JetPack and Akismet
Day 6: The Basics: Creating and Arranging Top Level Menus
Day 5: The Basics: Finding and Choosing and Installing a (Free) Theme
Day 4: The Basics: Categories and Comments
Day 3: The Basics: Your First Page
Day 2: The Basics: Your First Post
Day 1: The Basics: General Settings and Permalinks in WordPress
21 Days to WordPress Proficiency: An Introduction
How to Increase Your Revenue by 30% (Witout Raising Your Rates)
Value Added Service on Projects
Finding (and Getting) Freelance Work
Code Academy: PHP
Code Academy: JQuery and JavaScript
First Course in Code Academy: HTML/CSS
Getting Started with Coding: CodeAcademy
20 Hours Ahead: Initial Thoughts and the Point