Hey y’all, I’m Nate.👋

I love solving problemslearning new things, and helping people.

I’m a Full Stack Engineer specializing in headless and serverless WordPress, building custom PHP and JavaScript (like React or Laravel) applications, and all the fun, nerdy stuff that goes along with the web like CI/CD, AWS cloud services, and more! 🤓

I share what I know and learn on this site, as well as teaching and speaking at user groups, panels, and conferences.

Fun fact: I’m the 249th person to lift the Dinnie Stones unassisted.

Wanna chat about something, reach out and I’lllllll be therrrrre.🎶

It's me, Nate

Should I notify you about “all the things”?

This will be an occasional (maybe once a month?) email, highlighting things I’m working on, producing, and think you might like.

If you’d like to see anything else added to it, please let me know!

*No spam, no selling your info, none of that crazy stuff.