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An Ideal WordPress Workflow Development & Deployment Workflow

I know the title is a mouthful, but, this was a lot of fun to put together 🤓… This talk was for Certified Fresh Events (CFE.dev), and this was the abstract: At over 40% of the web, WordPress maintains a massive footprint on the Internet. While this platform, with its 20+ years of code, can […]

WordPress and Laravel: The Hows, Whys, and Intersections

Do you work with WordPress and wonder if there are other tools and frameworks where you could leverage your PHP or JS knowledge? Should you be using WordPress for all your projects? Do you work with Laravel and wonder why some developers still choose (and love) to work on WordPress? Come along on the journey […]

Less Snark, More Spark ✨

How can you be the developer people want to hire, work with, and promote? Good question! Abstract: Even the most introverted, self-sufficient developer interacts with other people. Sometimes these folks are a joy to work with, sometimes not. Sometimes as a developer, you might be the difficult one to work with (we’ve all been that […]

Building and Deconstructing a Gutenberg Block

This presentation walks through the new Block Editor in WordPress, covering: what comes out of the box from WordPress Core plugins that will add blocks to your site importing demo content styling blocks with CSS creating your own blocks with Advanced Custom Fields and ES5 to ESNext. Presentation Slides

How to Run Your WordPress Site On Local, Gatsby and Netlify… For FREE!

Yes! This is a click-bait-y title. BUT, I wanted to see if this was possible, and it is! If you’ve ever wanted a fast and secure WordPress site, here is one way to do it. NOTE: I would NOT recommend this (probably) for a live site. Maybe there’s a slightly different way of going about […]

Hello Gatsby! This blog is now headless WordPress…

Well, I did it. I jumped on the Gatsby bandwagon, and it seems pretty great so far! Also, there’s been a very nice bump in overall site performance and experience (Chrome Lighthouse audits): I’m planning to make a quick video of my experience and update this post with it, but I wanted to share what […]

Learning React… So I can I can hang out with other things…

Maybe it’s FOMO (fear of missing out 😮), or I’m finally starting to see the benefit, but I’m finally getting down and dirty with React, compiling everything I need to be proficient with it, and start using on the regular. Wait, but why… now…??? This has been a long time coming. I’ve definitely been dragged […]

Templating in PHP with REST APIs

Here are the slides for the presentation I gave at Madison Area Technical College’s Advanced PHP class in the spring of 2019 semester. The main objective is to learn some templating principles and see how partial templates can be managed in a larger project, and how templates can work with data, specifically received from REST […]

Using Local by Flywheel for Local Laravel Development

Note: This post has been updated to work with the new version of Local. I’ll try to keep things updated if the development environment changes in the future. (last updated: Feb. 18, 2020) While I mostly build with WordPress, I’m going to be working with a few projects coming up that will require a more […]

A New Talks Page

Recently, I’ve started volunteering to give more talks to local user groups and conferences. Normally, I have some kind of slide deck to go along with those as a resource. To keep all of these in one place, I’ve created a Talks page as a kind of repo for the talks I’ve given or talks in […]

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