React... And other things...

Learning React… So I can I can hang out with other things…

Maybe it’s FOMO (fear of missing out 😮), or I’m finally starting to see the benefit, but I’m finally getting down and dirty with React, compiling everything I need to be proficient with it, and start using on the regular.

Wait, but why… now…???

This has been a long time coming. I’ve definitely been dragged to React kicking and screaming, “I WANT TO USE VUE IN ALL THE THINGS!!!!” VueJS is super nice and easy to use, the View/Model interaction is intuitive, and they’ve made the hard things easy and the complex things more simple. My first 🤯mind-blown🤯 moment with JavaScript was back in the KnockoutJS days. Seeing that two-way binding work was like… fairy dust magic sauce… 😋

BUT, there are three projects that I want to be a part of and use on the regular, which all use React under the hood:

Thankfully, since I waited so, SO long to do this, there are a ton of resources available, mostly for free. There is of course Wes Bos’ course, which I’ve done, but there’s a lot of new stuff out there too, like Scrimba and FreeCodeCamp’s React course.

But, I’m learning as I go, a bit here, and a bit there, so courses are little long for me (the Scrimba course is actually pretty good and short). Basically, some of this is “just in time learning”, like the links below, specifically learning about Promises, Fetch, and Async/Await syntax (not React, I know, but that stuff is all over the place!).

So, I’ve been compiling a list of articles and other links for me, for my reference, to share. I’ve just been going through a lot of code other people have put together, moving my old biz site to Gatsby and Netlify, and making two add-ons for Local (coming soon!).

A TON of Links…

Just a bunch of links… In no particular order (sorry… not sorry)… I’ve put an * by the ones that are especially good, besides what’s already mentioned.