Serverless Services for Serverful CMSes

As static and headless WordPress sites become more common and mainstream, it’s important to know how to build solutions for dynamic actions these sites make. Common examples are form submissions, site search, real-time updates, etc. How can you build dynamic solutions for static sites?

Enter serverless functions and services! If you’ve built custom plugins or themes before and can use the command line you’ll feel right at home.

Can I still benefit from serverless functions and services if I’ve running WordPress on a server? Absolutely! Anytime you can offload processing from your own server to someone else’s is going to improve user experience on your site.

This is an intro to using “serverless functions and services” on WordPress (or other CMS) sites… It’s 92% less scary than it sounds! 😱

PHP[TEK] Conference 2023

Slides are here.

Here’s an extended version of the talk (about 90 minutes) I gave on The Code and Coffee Show with Maciek Palmowski.

Here’s a link to the Github repo used.

This is an extended lightning talk (about 25 minutes) I gave at our local WPMadison meetup.

Let me know if you’d like the slides… They’re from a larger presentation I’m working on.