Talk: Getting Started with WP-CLI

Talk: Getting Started with WP-CLI

Do you work with or maintain WordPress sites and wonder if there’s an easier way to keep things updated?

Are you looking for a way to automate a site setup, turning a five minute install into a 5 second install? (Well, at least less than 5 minutes)

Are you bogged down by repetitive tasks that you think, “Ugh, OMG!!!, I wish there was a friggin’ script I could run that would take care of this for me.”

Maybe you just want to feel like this:

baby dancing

And not this:

cat typing

Let’s dig into WP-CLI (the WordPress Command Line Interface) together and see how it can help us get a little more “fun” out of functions, some extra “dates” out of updates (ok, maybe not that… but maybe !not that, if you know what I mean), a little more “me” time from themes and plugins.

Get a preview of the goodies WP-CLI has to offer here.

If you’d like to come with WP-CLI already set up, feel free. You will need access to a terminal command prompt to follow along.

If you don’t have it set up, I’d highly recommend VVV2 or Local. You can also follow the instructions over at to get the CLI set up locally.

Example Repo

PDF: Getting Started With WP-CLI Slides

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