WP101 for Developers

WP101 for Developers

This is a 3 hour workshop for the YWeb cohort.

It’s a developer-focused introduction to WordPress.

We cover the following with hands-on activities:

Overview of WordPress

  • Why WordPress?
    • Ideas behind the ideas
  • Everything is a “Post Type”
  • Walk through the Admin Panel
  • Walk through the WordPress code
    • Don’t hack core!
    • Just work in wp-content

Overview of Theming and Template Hierarchy

  • Default theme
  • Child theme setup
  • Enqueuing, don’t just add a style or script tag
  • The loop
  • Template tags and conditionals
  • Template parts and template overrides

Basic WordPress Customizing and Theming

Page Builders in WordPress

  • Other Page Builders
  • Using Visual Composer
  • Pros and Cons

Presentation Slides

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