Day 1: The Basics: General Settings and Permalinks in WordPress

“The beginning is always today.”
― Mary Shelley

Getting Started Off Right

This assumes that you have installed your WordPress software on your self-hosted website. You can also use these tutorials on your account, though some of the functions will be a little different.

If you need help installing the WP software on your site, let me know. However, I’ve made some tutorials on how to use a typical “one-click” WordPress install here Check those out first.


BEFORE we start posting or creating any content, it’s important to go in and get some basic settings arranged so that your website can get started on the good foot!


If you only change one thing in your settings, change the Permalink structure. This will make your urls prettier, and helps with SEO in various ways.


Check out the latest updates on WordPress software straight from the source: the Blog


What questions do you have about settings?
Is there anything you would change that I didn’t cover? Let me know!

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