Day 10: The Basics: Reviewing the Front End of Your Site (UX)

The last part of our Basics section! Once everything is basically set up and you’ve been creating content, it’s time to review what the front end looks like.


You can do all of the tweaking and adding of content you like on the back end, but if the front end of your site does not look good, folks will seek their online content elsewhere. It’s always good practice to make sure that your site is user friendly. In the end, it’s really more about your audience than you.


Watch the final video in the Basic series:

What needs to be tweaked? What looks good? What’s missing?


I will refer to the WPBeginner website later (it is a great resource!), but one of the most helpful things that you can do to start thinking about your website design and layout is to think about the basic template layout. There are different sections, and there are a thousand different ways to rearrange these sections, but the basic layout is going to be as is rendered in this article.

This is another helpful few paragraphs on fixed and fluid layout from WPBeginner.

What are your favorite layout designs that you’ve seen on websites? What made them stand out to you? Are you planning to be more minimal, or more

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