Day 12: Functionality: Basic HTML and CSS (and CodeAcademy)

There will always be a few things that you want to get tweaked “just right”. While there are several ways to make site-wide tweaks, you might want to do this specifically per post or page.


Eventually, you’ll want to get familiar with HTML and CSS. It’s better to go ahead and try out small changes at the beginning when there isn’t so much at stake:-).


Check out how to make quick changes to your content here:


There are plenty of resources and tutuorials available on introductions to HTML and CSS (check out YouTube!). However, one of the best, most structured, and contained tutorials I’ve found is CodeAcademy. You can dive into the Web Fundamentals track and learn basic HTML and CSS coding here. It’s free!

This is a great investment in learning more about how your website (and ALL websites) function and display. It’s definitely worth a few minutes a day, and you can joing the CodeAcadamy Lift group here.

You can also read about my experience with CodeAcademy here.

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