Day 14: Functionality: Plugins 2: Five More Plugins

Your website is probably not ready to go right “out of the box”. There are different things that you would like for it to do that it doesn’t automatically do at the install with the standard features. This is where plugins come in.


There are so many different plugins, and so much your website is capable of. You will need different plugins for different stages of your website, but it is always good to have some basic backup, security and SEO help on your website.


This video reviews 5 essential plugins that you will want to install:


Make sure to read reviews and do a little research beforehand (remember the Social Media Widget?) The first stop for plugins and reviews for most is the WordPress Plugin Repository. Type in whatever functionality you need, and see what plugins come up. Remember to look at the Reviews and Changelog of the plugin before making a decision to install and activate the plugin.

Check out the page on my website for more essential plugins, and plugins that I install on most every website that I’m working on (coming soon!).

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