Day 15: Functionality: Backup Configuration

Imagine waking up and finding that you website has been hacked, compromised, or your domain has expired and your website is down. Or, imagine that you’ve been messing with some PHP code and didn’t enter the code just right and now your website is broken!


There are several ways to break or crash a website. Backing up your website’s database is the easiest way to ensure that your website will be safe from all sorts of contingencies that could arise and damage your site.


Follow the steps in this video to properly configure your backup:

Make sure that you have installed and activated BackWPUp. It is free and a great way to ensure that your website is properly backed up.


Here’s a direct link to BackWPUp on the WordPress Repository.

Backup Buddy is probably the most popular backup service on the market (unless you are using managed hosting, of course). It is a paid premium product, but it is easy to use, comes with support, and ensures that your website is safe and sound. Check it out here.

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