Day 18: Self Education: An Introduction to WordPress Frameworks

When starting on a new project, whether it is sewing a new dress together, building a cabinet, or baking cookies, there is always a preset pattern or even design that you use. You might change the fabic of the dress, or add dark chocolate chips instead of milk chocolate chips. However, the basic structure of the project remains the same: systematic and repeatable.


WordPress has available several “frameworks” to help speed up the development process of websites, make those websites familiar and secure, and provide more all around stability than designing a website from the ground up.


Watch this quick introduction to a few well-known frameworks:


Here are the links for the frameworks discussed:

Even if you’re not using a framework, many of these sites have tutorials and code-snippets which are very helpful in customizing and continuing your own WordPress education. Here’s another great resource on the difference between templates and frameworks.

Do you see a need or use for frameworks? Have you heard of these? What others have you heard of?

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