Day 2: The Basics: Your First Post

We all want a website for different reasons: blogging, content management, display our portfolio, put a professional foot forward, etc. Here is how to create your first post.


More and more, blogs and new posts are becoming a central way to update your audience and keep your website fresh with content. Fresh content is great for maintaining your crowd’s interest, as well as helpful for SEO purposes.


Now, create your first post! It could be about anything.

For bonus points: create 5 different posts, all around one subject. Publish one immediately, and set the other four to be scheduled to go out, one per week.

Congrats! You already have a month of blogging done!:-)


If you’re wanting to blog, two GREAT resources of articles are THE article on “How to NOT Suck at Blogging” and a series on 31 Days to Building a Better Blog


What did you write about in your first post?
Did you use other media besides writing? Let me know!

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