Day 20: Self Education: The Staging Site (try it on your computer first!)

As you get more familiar with WordPress, you will want to try and push the limits and see what you can do, both in terms of design and development. It’s easy to want to try new things on your site or even a client’s site, live and online.


However, you NEVER want to experiment on a live site! If it breaks and you can’t repair your site right away, you will lose valuable time, traffic, and even money while your website is down.


Watch today’s video to find out how you can set up a development site on your computer:


Desktop Server is the program I used in this video, and they have several tutorials and “how tos” available on their website. The version I was running is the free version, however if you want more functionality, including interaction with a live website, you can get the premium version here.

Do you have any fears about working with live sites?

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