Day 3: The Basics: Your First Page

If the post is the fresh and dynamic content, the page is the foundation and static portion of your site. Pages inform and typically or more general than posts. Typical pages are titled About, Resources, Services, Portfolio, and Contact Us.


You don’t always want your content updated in a “tumblog” fashion. Pages allow for static content that informs and directs people to take action. These are the parts of your website you will update the least.


Create your about page!

What can you say about yourself?

Don’t forget to include a picture or video! They are worth a thousand words:-)!


Since the assigned topic was to write an About Page, I thought I’d include a podcast conversation about About Pages Check out this podcast discussion on About Pages.


How does the idea that your “About Page should be about your audience” strike you? Counter-intuitive? Fake? A great move? Let me know!

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