Day 4: The Basics: Categories and Comments

As humans, we categorize so many things: our clothing, our food, our friends, and even our coffee (I’m drinking some decaf, fair trade, fresh ground coffee now!). We also like to comment on anything and everything:-).


Breaking your content down into categories will allow you more flexibility on rendering that content on the front end for users. You also want a way for people to give you feedback in a way that is easy and fun for them to do so.


Go to another blog or website and leave a comment. Notice two things:
1. Do you need to sign in OR is there a comment program or plugin that they are using?
2. Is there discussion going on in the comments or is the content pretty much comment free?


One great way to make sure you’re only getting comments from reputable sources (i.e., NOT spam) is to install a comments plugin (we’ll talk about installing plugins later). Two popular plugins are Disqus and Livefyre Feel free to install one of these or find another that you like!


Do you typically leave comments on posts or articles you read? What kind of things do you say? Do you already use something like Disqus or Livefyre?

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