Day 7: The Basics: Plugins Part 1: JetPack and Akismet

Websites and blogs can get pretty bland pretty quick. There are also plenty of functionalities that you’ve probably seen on other sites that you have though, “Ooo, I want THAT on my website!”. Enter Pugins…


Plugins also you to simply and easy add to the functionality of your website without necessarily needing to know how to code. Like apps for your smart phone, there are tens of thousands of plugins for all sorts of functions. Get to know them and love them.


Getting to know some standard plugins is essential. Check out this video for two of the most basic plugins:

Activate and install Jetpack and Akismet for your website.


WordPress Developer and Automattician Dustin Hartzler put together a great podcast and blog post about JetPack, its benefits and an overview. Please note, JetPack is always changing what is included so this information might be dated, but it is still a good primer.

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