Day 5: The Basics: Finding and Choosing and Installing a (Free) Theme

Like snowflakes and Danny Boyle movies, no two themes are exactly alike. There is a theme for everyone out there, and you will probably want to change your theme as the personality of your website changes.


The only way to know if a theme will work on your website is to preview it with the content you currently have. Once you find one you like, you need to know how to install it, or delete it if you don’t like it.


Find a theme from inside your WordPress software and preview it. If you like it, install it! If you’d like an extra challenge, find and install a free WordPress theme from one of the repositories in the Resources section.


There are a hundreds (if not thousands) of WordPress theme repositories and shops around the Internet. Some offer free themes, others are only paid (premium). Here are a few to get you started:


Did you pick a theme? Which one? Why did you pick it?

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