Getting Started Marketing Your Business on the Good Foot

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Are you struggling with the idea of starting a business?

Do you feel confused about your starting point? 

How do you know anyone will buy what you’re selling?

All of these questions and more are covered in five modules this workbook!

About the Workbook

Here is a basic outline for the course:

Module 1: Getting Started Off on the Good Foot


  • Naming your Purpose: Why are you doing this? What’s going to sustain you?
  • Introducing SMART Goals: how and why to use them.


  • Getting everything set up is faster than you think
  • Self hosted Blog/website
  • Plugins
  • Themes
  • Social Media (are you DOA if you don’t use it?)
  • Business registration

Module 2: Planning for Content


  • Be Everywhere: Why being everywhere you can be is important; exploring different platforms.
  • Make your content EXTREMELY valuable and easily shareable
  • Don’t forget your CAT: Calls to action, and why you need them.


  • Choose a platform (or 3!)
  • 50 blog brainstorm
  • Testimonials: get some!

Module 3: Building a Client Base and Building a Following and a Tribes Mentality


  • What kind of site are we running here?: Authority site vs. the rest
  • What is the customer saying, and what are you going to do about it?
  • Knowing your ideal customer’s pains and passions.


  • Identify the first folks in your Tribe.
  • Create the product or service they are dying for.
  • Give it to them!

Module 4: How are you going to make money with this anyway?:


  • Pricing guidelines:
  • Personal Sessions (maximize $$/person, but NOT $$/minute)
  • Figure out your going rate
  • Be willing to discount
  • Group sessions and seminars (most $$/minute, depending on size) Less $$/person so barrier to entry is less
  • What can you give away?


  • Payment Gateways and Shopping Carts: how to use them.
  • Teaching a class to build your Tribe.
  • Affiliate Marketing

Module X: The one word that is ESSENTIAL to your business: VALIDATION.


  • Why you don’t have a business until someone gives you money.
  • Multiple level approach to validation.


  • Validating your current product or service.
  • Making your first sale!

Here are some video samples of the content of the course:




Why should you get set up on-line? What are the benefits?

  • Your presence on the Internet will be professional and authoritative
  • It gives you a way to be available to people 24/7
  • It makes it easier for people to pay for your services and products anytime they are ready to purchase (online payment, buying information products, using your affiliate links, etc)

What do you get when you purchase the modules?

  • Links to the products and services I recommend (these will be affiliate links).
  • If you have ordered the book on Amazon, I will give you a PDF version of the workbook  to print out and write in.
  • Each module that contains:
    • Step by step notes and links to the information you need.
    • Lists of actionable steps to take for each module.


This workbook contains over 100 pages of actionable content to help you get your business started off right.

Overcoming the mental and technical obstacles can be intimidating.

Get the help you’re looking for!

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