Angular Learning Resources for Angular August

Angular Learning Resources for Angular August

For the month of August, I’ve been diving into Angular, and so far, it’s much easier for me to grasp than BackboneJS. That’s ok, Backbone, I’ll come back to you later!

I’ve started compiling some resources I’ve been using to learn Angular as well, and am putting them here. I’ll be updating this from time to time as I go through these materials and build out some apps.

Primary Objectives

These are the little projects I want to get done with Angular this month (or maybe next month, while I’m focusing on building plugins):

  1. Finish the Nutrition Tracking app I’ve been working on: a SPA built with Angular.
  2. Starter Genesis Child theme that includes Angular, Sass, and Gulp. Basically, it should have a main view that is asynchronously updated.
  3. Use LEAN to redo my Finch Professional Services website. The point here is to build on another company’s starter platform, try it out and get
  4. Build a plugin that uses Angular and the WP REST API to add Quick Drafts to your WP site. Submit this to the WP Plugin repo. This includes some basic CRUD (well, at least a C) functionality in the plugin.

That’s a lot to get done in a month!

For the record (for myself and for you!) here are some resources I’ve been using:


Learn AngularJS Step by Step:

Quick Start AngularJS:

ES6 Features:

TypeScript tutorial (for ES6 and Angular 2):

Creating  a Web App from Scratch  Using AngularJS and Firebase–cms-717



Learn and Understand AngularJS:

Building a Web App from Scratch  Using AngularJS:–cms-22300

AngularJS Masterclass:

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