Getting Familiar with Backbone.js

Getting Familiar with Backbone.js

I’ve been doing a ton of learning of JavaScript frameworks recently. I built a single page application with KnockoutJS for my Udacity Nanodegree. It was pretty great, I learned a ton, and like the idea of being able to build something fast with the help of frameworks.

Yeah, I’m hooked:-)!

I decided to start out with BackboneJS, and I’ll move to AngularJS next. Below, I’ve included some links for resources I was using to learn Backbone.

Why start with this framework?

Many reasons:

  1. It’s well documented
  2. It’s not a huge library
  3. It’s MV* (collections)
  4. Lots of companies use or used it to get their app structure going.
  5. It incorporates UnderscoreJS, which I wanted to learn too.

Ok, here’s a lot of the resources I was using for learning. I haven’t gone through all of them, this is more of a repo than anything else. I’ll probably update this as I learn more and complete more sample applications.



Anatomy of Backbone.js on CodeSchool

Tuts+ videos for Backbone.js and



Building Reactive WordPress Plugins – Part 1 – Backbone.js–wp-30121–wp-30056


Twitter App References


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