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  • How I Think About Cooking Food

    How I Think About Cooking Food

    One summer in elementary school I stumbled on the 80s/90s classic show, Great Chefs, Great Cities. I can still hear the theme song in my head! The show captured my attention. The food looked delicious, the chefs made it look effortless, and everyone always seemed to enjoy the process and the final product. At some…

  • Recipe: How to “Hide” Vegetables

    Recipe: How to “Hide” Vegetables

    Do you remember when you were a kid and used to refuse to eat your veggies? For all the neighbors knew, there might have been some kind of war going on trying to get you to swallow a mouthful of green healthiness. Later in life, you kind of grow into vegetables. They become less distgusting,…

  • Recipe: Cauliflower Rice

    Recipe: Cauliflower Rice

    If you’re like me, you typically go for seconds. Also, if you’re like me, those seconds can include an extra serving of carbs, carbs that you don’t need. Or, leaving the carbs out of this, maybe you’re a big fan of sauce dishes like curry or tajine. Or you like (ok LOVE) fried rice. Rice,…

  • Recipe: Korean Dalkgalbi

    Recipe: Korean Dalkgalbi

    There are certain flavors that capture your attention. For me, one of those is this spicy/semi-sweet Korean dish: dalkgalbi. I love the smell of this while it’s cooking, and it’s full of meat and veggies. A great combination! So, here’s how to make it (or at least, how I make it)…

  • Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Dip

    Recipe: Buffalo Chicken Dip

    Just thinking about buffalo chicken wings and blue cheese dressing makes me salivate! You? I thought so!;-) This recipe was first introduced to me by my friend Paul. A true friend! I’ve since made it about a dozen times here in Korea, and it’s always (I repeat, always) a crowd pleaser. Wanna please your crowd? Here’s…

  • Recipe: Chipotle Chicken Curry

    Recipe: Chipotle Chicken Curry

    I love creamy, savory dishes. I also love unique and interesting flavor combinations. This recipe does both, and so much more! Here’s what you need, and what you can add:

  • Recipe: Bacon and Broccoli

    Recipe: Bacon and Broccoli

    Seriously, look at that broccoli. So Green! This is one of my favorite go to meals, ready in about 7 minutes (I can do it in about 5 minutes if I don’t want the bacon so crispy). Here’s how you do it…