Looking Backwards: 2016 in Review

It’s that time of the year, reviewing what has been done, assessing what was good, discarding what was not, and moving forward in a better situation than I was before.

After my theme and goal setting at the end of 2015, I moved into the new year with hope and optimism. This year was very interesting to say the least. I’ve experienced the lowest lows and the highest highs.

However, I think 2016 will go down as the most significant year for me since marriage.

Read on to find out why…

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Brief: Custom functionality and membership configuration

Client: StartupAcademy (website)

Industry: Startups, Education

Notes: I was brought on to this project to help with the following custom functionality:

  • popup login
  • social sharing popup
  • rss feed syndication for newsroom
  • private comments between users, admins and mentors
  • other site setup and functionality.

Why Yoast SEO Isn’t Enough to Increase Your Site’s Traffic

I’ve been doing some work for a client, helping her to get her e-commerce products SEO’d and understand a little better about the SEO landscape. She’s using the Yoast SEO plugin (a good choice!), but I want to make sure she (and now you!) know how she can not only make sure her site and products are optimized for search engines, but also what do doing going forward to increase her traffic.


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Why WordPress Freelancing?

About 4.5 years ago, my life changed…

Affiliate marketing and passive income was all the rage. Who doesn’t want to make money while they sleep? So I gave it a shot, and started building these simple sites on something called WordPress. I started using WordPress simply to get good looking sites up in a couple of hours. However, I quickly realized I loved building the sites more than the marketing. I started customizing themes with basic CSS and some copy-paste snippets. Then I found the Genesis Framework and followed a tutorial to build my first custom child theme. I was hooked!

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