20 Hours Ahead

January Goals, Did I Do Them?

It’s always hard to not meet your goals. Even harder to admit them to the public:-). But, here it goes, and here’s the progress I’ve made… The Theme I started working on¬†my very first custom theme built off of the _s ¬†starter theme from Automattic. It was an exercise in a few things: Can I […]

Documentation as a Discipline

A while ago, I read a¬†post from Tom McFarlin¬†about keeping a change log. ¬†I had actually just started a massive project and was scrambling to remember what I did the previous month and why. Also, we had promised to deliver technical documentation and user manuals. I figured that I would get through the project (which […]

I Wrote This Post in the Command Line With WP-CLI

I just found a new toy, and it is a good one. I have loved using the command line for version control, and now I have a new tool in the arsenal. Let me introduce you to WP-CLI… Ok, so, it’s probably not the best tool to use for writing blog posts, but it does […]

This Week I Learned: SQL database queries and foreach()

It’s been a busy week. I’m putting together a new theme (to be unveiled soon), updating some projects I’ve been working on, and tuned my guitar for the first time in about three months. I’ve come across a¬†couple new things I wanted to record.¬†It’s funny how, when putting sites together, you come across things you […]

How Much Javascript is Enough?

There is a rush to learn Javascript right now. Especially in the WordPress community, there are people clamoring for more, better, and comprehensive Javascript resources. And there’s tons available and even more lists, and lists of lists. Similarly, most all entry level developer jobs–from Junior Developer to Front-End Engineer–are all requiring a decent amount of […]

An Honest Review on my January Plan

“Uhh ohh…” I looked at my watch.¬†I couldn’t believe it was already Sunday. Not just anytime on Sunday, but¬†evening. That meant that the weekend was over and it was time to get back to the weekly projects at hand tomorrow (that is, today!).¬† This isn’t a post about “a case of the Mondays”, and it’s […]

This Week I Learned: Custom Meta Boxes and Post Meta

“Can we have a l way to link a slider image to a specific page?” my client asked. “Sure, no problem,” I said. Now, I had never done this before, but it seemed easy enough to do. In my mind, I pictured the solution: In the slider custom post type (cpt), I need a custom […]

Learning New Things: Bower

Along with Grunt, another tool I’ve been playing around with is Bower. What is Bower? It’s a package manager for the web, duh! Ok, let’s back up. What does that even mean? Two¬†bits of information should help clarify: The origin of the name “bower”. A better understanding of what packages are. Let’s dive in… The […]

Learning New Things: Grunt

I’m still getting a handle on Grunt. As far as a build tool, I’ve not yet been able to wrap my head completely around it. Maybe I need a better tutorial, or maybe I just need to not get hung up on any task runner that isn’t working right (looking at you, livereload!). I’ll get […]

This Week, I’ve Learned… Your Best Isn’t Always Good Enough

They say: “when it rains it pours.” But it’s still a real bummer to get wet. Without being too explicit, I’ve tried really hard in some big endeavors over the past three to four months, and I’ve¬†received the feedback and results: “Things are still broken.” “Things are beyond your control.” “There’s nothing you can do […]

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