Documentation as a Discipline

A while ago, I read a post from Tom McFarlin about keeping a change log.  I had actually just started a massive project and was scrambling to remember what I did the previous month and why. Also, we had promised to deliver technical documentation and user manuals. I figured that I would get through the project (which was due at the end of November) and spend a day or two developing the documentation at that point.

Bad idea. Here’s why… Read More

This Week I Learned: SQL database queries and foreach()

It’s been a busy week.

I’m putting together a new theme (to be unveiled soon), updating some projects I’ve been working on, and tuned my guitar for the first time in about three months.

I’ve come across a couple new things I wanted to record. It’s funny how, when putting sites together, you come across things you could have used a couple projects ago. Seems to always happen.

So, here’s to trying to stay ahead of the curve… Read More

How Much Javascript is Enough?

There is a rush to learn Javascript right now. Especially in the WordPress community, there are people clamoring for more, better, and comprehensive Javascript resources. And there’s tons available and even more lists, and lists of lists.

Similarly, most all entry level developer jobs–from Junior Developer to Front-End Engineer–are all requiring a decent amount of experience in Javascript.

It’s enough to make you wonder what you’ve been doing for the past year (or two, or five).

In hustle of trying to absord all of the Javascript syntax, functions and process I can, I’ve been asking myself this question: Read More

An Honest Review on my January Plan

“Uhh ohh…”

I looked at my watch. I couldn’t believe it was already Sunday. Not just anytime on Sunday, but evening. That meant that the weekend was over and it was time to get back to the weekly projects at hand tomorrow (that is, today!). 

This isn’t a post about “a case of the Mondays”, and it’s not about how to use your weekends to get a few extra projects done (if you’re into that… I am!).

This is simply a post about my January Plan (see original plan here), the progress I’ve made, and what I still hope to accomplish in 13 days.

Let’s do this thing!… Read More